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Residents love Anaheim Hills because of its focus on natural beauty, luxury homes and excellent school district. Considering a move to Anaheim Hills? Here’s what you need to know.
The city of Anaheim is home to some of Southern California’s most popular attractions, including Disneyland Resort, Edison Baseball Field and the Honda Center. On the eastern edge of this bustling city is Anaheim Hills, a planned community surrounded by natural beauty and offering high quality housing, exceptional schools, effective city services and an abundance of recreational and community activities.

Anaheim Hills is a community of natural beauty. Before it became residential, the land was a beautiful family-owned ranch that raised cattle and grew oranges and avocados. Although the land no longer has any agricultural purposes, the city has made a commitment to retain the natural beauty of the city and has dedicated 1,000 acres of land and indigenous trees to public agencies that will protect them.

High quality housing units complement the natural beauty of Anaheim Hills. The community offers a large range of housing from modern condos, to single-family homes with spacious yards, to multi-million-dollar luxury estates. Each house is held to the highest building standards by the Anaheim Hills Planned Community Association. These standards ensure that the buildings are of a quality and also ensure a consistent look and feel throughout every Anaheim Hills Neighborhood.

Anaheim Hills is part of the Orange School District. While many Orange County school districts boast of having exceptional staff, Orange School District has the proof to back up its claims. Six elementary and middle school teachers in the district have earned the prestigious National Board Certification. The district has the support of local businesses and organizations and many of them make annual donations to specific schools. Parents of Anaheim Hills can rest assured their child is receiving some of the best public education in Orange County.

Anaheim Hills has several recreational and community services for its residents. There are several youth and adult sports teams, a gymnasium, a library, two golf courses, fifteen city parks, a community center and a nature center. The city also hosts several clubs, including a golf club, saddle club, mom’s club and women’s club.
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