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Meet the Fowler Family.

The Fowler family puts the real in real estate. Their refreshing authenticity comes shining through in their generous application of good-old-fashioned family values and their genuine care for people.When it comes to putting families and homes together in Orange County, this mother-daughter-son team shoots straight and stands by its promises.

Kristen Fowler was raised in Fullerton by hard-working parents whom she describes as “eternally optimistic.” Her father was a real estate developer, and while he always encouraged her to follow in his footsteps, Kristen first pursued her love of dance. She founded and ran a successful dance center for nearly a decade before she made the decision to get her real estate license. Kristen entered real estate during the distressed market of the late ‘80s, but true to her origins, she didn’t give up simply because business was difficult. She summoned her upbeat spirit and forged her own success.

“I continued to teach dance part-time through the local parks and rec department, so I had two jobs and was raising two kids. When I got into the market, rates were terrible. But I didn’t know any better, and I think that made it easier for me. I had nothing to compare it to. That experience made me really focus on my clients’ needs.”

The Kristen Fowler Group has become a household name in Yorba Linda, where Kristen and her family have lived, worked and attended school for many years. It is a name that stands for service excellence seasoned with integrity and genuine client care. Kristen is joined by her daughter, Brittney Fowler, and her son, Dillon Fowler, and together they continue a heritage of unparalleled real estate representation in North Orange County and beyond.

As Brittney was completing her English and journalism degree at Chapman University, Kristen suggested that Brittney obtain her real estate license and give the industry a try. “I got my license in 2007 and started shadowing mom. It was a weird time to get in because everything was crashing. But I still found it interesting, and I liked the flexibility. I realized it was a great opportunity to join my mom who had done it for so long and learn from one of the best – and someone I trust.”

Dillon began his journey in real estate working at a mortgage company when he was only 16 years old. He rode the wave of the early 2000s’ boom market while also pursuing his passion for competitive body boarding. Dillon turned his focus to real estate sales after the market crashed, and he had decided that a career in extreme sports was not the life he wanted for himself. “I definitely feel blessed to be working with my mom and sister. We’re all very compatible and work well together.”

Kristen is quick to point out that when her children joined her, they each started at the bottom and earned their own way. “None of us has had anything handed to us,” she says. “When Brittney and Dillon came to work with me, they came on as 100 percent commission just like I was. We’ve all had our successes, and some failures, but we’ve earned our knowledge and skill through hard work, ethics and a lot of ups and downs.”

Their shared, client-first philosophy and collaborative work environment result in 50-plus transactions a year that are consistently smooth and worry-free for their clients. They put people at ease with their down-to-earth business style, creating a trust that is the foundation for lifelong relationships. “I think what separates us is that even if we lose, we always put the client first,” Kristen says. “This is a job of service, and we really respect our role as their protector. Our clients are making the biggest purchase of their lives. We pride ourselves on seeing to the details and going through every contract line-by-line to make sure their best interests are represented and protected. We take our fiduciary responsibility very seriously.”

“There is so much changing day-to-day, and we make it our business to be informed so we can protect our clients from anything that might upset a transaction,” Brittney adds. “We take time to explain and make sure clients know what to expect next. Being able to tell a client we’ve seen the same situation before can go a long way in making them feel reassured. Whether it’s a low offer or a long request for repairs, they need to know it’s not just their deal, and we’ll make it work.”

The team also includes longtime administrative coordinator Jean Urene, who coordinates and handles all paperwork, disclosures and documents. Administrative assistant Emma Bolduc is the team’s “right hand woman,” delivering flyers and lockboxes, and keeping the office organized and on track.

Respect is at the core of the Fowlers’ work ethic. They respect the clients they serve, the professionals they work with, and most of all, they respect each other. Kristen’s primary role is to represent sellers, while Brittney and Dillon represent buyers. Brittney also handles the group’s marketing and technology, while Dillon is liaison to contractors and affiliates. Ultimately, they each play to their strengths and share responsibilities so that no task is left undone. No one on this team will ever say, “It’s not my job.”

“They’re both so smart and so much faster than me with all of the technology,” Kristen says. “They’re also both great with people. I get compliments about my son and daughter daily. People tell me they are respectful and intelligent, and that they are both really good people. That comes from their core. You can’t do that as a mother. At some point your kids become their own people. It’s so wonderful to work with your kids knowing they have the same mindset and respect for others. A team can’t work any other way.”

“I really respect the reputation my mom has built both with her clients and other agents,” Brittney says. “In this business you may only do one or two deals with a single client, but you do multiple deals with other agents. Agents always have very positive things to say about Kristen, and she is very friendly and helpful to newer agents. I’m proud of her and proud to be her daughter.”

Dillon adds, “It’s a tough balance to be respected and liked and still keep producing at a high level. It takes so many years to build a reputation, and you can potentially destroy it with only one deal. The foundation she has made drives me to live up to her standards and continue her legacy.”

The Fowler family delights in giving back to the community. For many years they have sponsored a community Easter egg hunt in Yorba Linda, raising funds for Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC). They also host an annual holiday party for clients, family and friends, who turn out every year to support the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve’s Toys for Tots drive while also having a blast making designer gingerbread houses. The teachers from George Key School’s special education program also join in; they take the decorated houses back to school for students to enjoy, along with all of the leftover supplies for them to make their own holiday projects.

This high-energy, high-integrity family has undeniably earned its success. For The Fowlers, working as a family creates a higher standard of accountability, since it is their name and reputation that is at stake. But fun and laughter are also important components of their work, and that is a big part of what makes them so real. Kristen says, “My work and family are my life, and my clients’ success inspires me. But I always say, if you’re not having fun, then what are you doing here?”
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